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President Taira Yoshitaka

European seminars 2018

Seminar with Arakaki Toshimitsu, Hanshi, in Germany in May.

Please see the Seminars page for more information.

News from the WMKA headquarters in Okinawa

Receiving Cultural Commendation

Yoshitaka Taira, Hanshi, President of the WMKA, was awarded the prestigious Cultural Commendation from the Prefecture of Okinawa.

This commendation was awarded for his cultural contribution in the field of karate and kobujutsu. He received the price at a ceremony in the Prefecture building November 8, 2017. Here is an article from the Okinawan Times (in Japanese).
The Okinawan Karate Federation hosted a party in his honour November 18, 2017.

Other news

European seminar 2017 with President Taira in Bergen, Norway

The seminar was arranged September 25 to October 1 in Bergen, Norway.

New dojos

Shorin-ryu Karate Groningen of Andreas Aleman, The Netherlands.

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