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Osensei Nagamine practising kicks on makiwara

Tools for Matsubayashi-ryu

O'Sensei Nagamine's books, especially "The Essence of Okinawan Karate-Do" is the basis for any serious study of Matsubayashi-ryu (and also important for other Okinawan karate styles).

Soke Nagamine Takayoshi made a series of three videos about the history of Matsubayashi-ryu and all the kata, published by Tsunami Productions. These are also important for students of Matsubayshi-ryu karate.

If you are unable to obtain the videos, copies of these and other videos of the Matsubayashi-ryu kata are published in several locations on the internet. Many of these are by karateka from outside the WMKA, often with errors and deviations from the tradition based on O'Sensei Nagamine's teaching.

However, one cannot learn karate from books and videos, a qualified teacher is essential. We can only recommend to contact a teacher certified by the Nagamine family's organization, the WMKA/EMKA. Unfortunately, there are teachers claiming to teach the style without ever having had a qualified teacher themselves.

Find the nearest teacher from the Dojo listing, or contact us directly for help.

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